Why an Eye Examination May Have Added Significance

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Why an Eye Examination May Have Added Significance

The human eye is one of the most complex organs in the entire body, but it can also reveal hidden secrets about a person's general health. Optometrists are trained to look for issues that affect eye health directly, but they may also be able to see signs of a growing illness somewhere else. When was the last time that you visited a specialist like this, and what kind of issues could they help to reveal?

Presence of Disease

Due to general diet and lifestyle habits, Australians appear to be much more vulnerable to major disease. They can suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues and diabetes, and your optometrist may be able to spot early signs through an eye test.

All of these conditions can affect your vision and will lead to loss of efficiency with time. If the optometrist can see any particular symptoms, then they will advise you to talk with your family doctor.

For example, diabetes can lead to an eye disease known as diabetic retinopathy. The individual blood vessels situated within the eye may rupture over time, although the patient may not notice anything until it has progressed quite a long way. Early intervention is important here to help ensure that some vision can be retained.

Serious Eye Issues

Other issues can affect the eye directly and may not be related to an illness within the rest of the body. Most people will develop some form of cataract by the time they get to an advanced age, but this can be treated in a very commonplace operation. Still, cataract issues can sometimes lead to other eye issues associated with the macular or the retina. Some people may be prone to macular degeneration or retinal tearing. An optometrist can have a very close look at each eye to look for any signs of this.

Glaucoma is another area of concern for many, as this is an illness linked to the optic nerve. Pressure levels can build up within the eye, causing gradual vision loss, and the optometrist can employ certain tests to check all the levels.

Scheduling Your Visit

Make sure that you schedule a visit to your optometrist as soon as possible, especially if it's been some time since you did so. You cannot afford to be too blasé about your health, whether it is directly related to your eye or the rest of your body.

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