Do You Need a Special Pair of Computer Glasses?

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Do You Need a Special Pair of Computer Glasses?

Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen? Many people do this on a daily basis as they need to interact with a laptop or other station to help them study or earn a living. This can put a lot of strain on their eyes -- especially if they don't have perfect vision -- so if you've recently been straining to see that small print or have been suffering from the odd headache or two, what should you do?

Being Practical

It's not unusual for people to develop issues with their vision as they get older, and many people will eventually need some form of glasses or contact lenses. Some may decide to pick up a pair of over-the-counter reading glasses from their local store and carry on like that, but this is not a practical solution when it comes to a computer screen.

Intermediate Zone

Reading glasses are designed to work best when the object is held in the hands and immediately in front of the viewer. They will help the eyes to focus on a book that is being held in the conventional manner, but they won't be particularly efficient when you're looking at a computer screen. Typically, the screen will be in an intermediate zone and will require a specific prescription that should be carefully tailored to your vision and adjusted to take into account your seated position in relation to the screen.

Made for the Job

Computer glasses can help you deal with the bright light as well, as they can be coated or tinted to help to eliminate the glare. You can even get photochromic lenses that help to reduce the blue light that emanates from the screen and can interrupt your sleep patterns late at night.

As you spend so much time in front of that screen, it makes sense to get a pair of glasses that are specifically tailored for you. If you try to wear glasses that are not made for you, then you may strain your eyes even further and suffer from more headaches on a daily basis.

Exam First

Talk with your optometrist and set up an eye examination. They will be able to look at your eyes to determine whether you have any other issues and can prescribe you a pair of glasses for your computer work. You may even find that you need another pair for reading, or to help you when you're behind the wheel.

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